Here you pay a service fee for parking. The payment is valid for 24 hours. Additional fee is added and bank claim created if parking is unpaid. It facilitates access to the area as well as safety. Please note, however, that the terrain is rough, it is in the vicinity of an active volcano that emits poisonous gases, and weather conditions may also be hazardous. See up-to-date information on how to make your visit safe at https://safetravel.is/eruption-in-reykjanes. You can contact Volcano Skáli at gsteins@hi.is

Volcano Skáli

Kt. 4805012330  

Efstahrauni 25
240 Grindavík

1. License Plate Number

Service fee is based on visiting hours of vehicles entering the area and monitored with digital surveillance.

2. Vehicle Category / Price

Select vehicle size and category.

  • Passenger car 1.000 kr.
    1000 ISK
    1-7 seats
  • Small bus 2.000 kr.
    2000 ISK
    8-19 seats
  • Bus 4.000 kr.
    4000 ISK
    20+ seats

3. Info