Terms & conditions

Skoða skilmála á íslensku

Car parking charges and service charges paid at parka.is are always in accordance with the rates of each region or party.

  • ComputerVision ehf. Id. 480616-2270, (hereinafter referred to as CV) is the owner of parka.is.
  • parka.is is part of MyParking & SmartAccess monitoring and billing system owned by CV.
  • With parka.is, you can pay fees when driving into a Pay zone where the MyParking or SmartAccess systems are used for billing as well as parking zones owned and operated by Reykjavík City.
  • User of parka.is is responsible for the information provided.
  • Smart devices require an internet connection when a product or service is purchased, e.g. access to areas such as access to parking area and pay zone /chargeable area.
  • Any misuse of parka.is is illegal and all misconduct will be reported to the police.
  • parka.is accepts all major credit cards for payment (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, VISA Electron and Maestro).
  • The total cost of purchased services is charged to a customer’s card within 24 hours after the customer has made payment. CV reserves the right to charge credit cards later for technical reasons.
  • Customer is responsible for choosing the right Pay zone /charging area and fee when performing payment.
  • Payment on parka.is is non-refundable and can not be changed without sending an email to support@myparking.is and request a correction of payment. The e-mail must contain information on total amount, license plate number and payment authorization number. Requests need to be made within 72 hours after leaving the relevant pay zone. You can not get a refunded bank collection expense.
  • CV is not responsible or liable for the services offered in each pay zone.
  • parka.is handles all personal information in accordance with the provisions of Act No. 77/2000 on privacy and processing of personal data.
  • CV is not responsible or liable for any inconvenience or damage caused directly or indirectly due to computer hardware malfunction and / or software of the company or user or other causes that may cause information to be incorrect or that the user is unable to connect to the service.
  • CV is not responsible or liable for any inconvenience or damage that may be caused directly or indirectly due to defects or malfunctions in the software necessary for connection to parka.is, browser, or operating system of the user or CV´s computer system, or for any other reason that may cause parka.is actions can not be performed or otherwise than expected due to technical failure.
  • CV is not responsible or liable for any damage resulting from ignorance, misunderstanding or misuse of the customer or other users or persons. CV is not responsible for damage caused by incorrect actions by the user or other person.
  • CV is not responsible or liable for damage or cost incurred caused by external events, for example; malfunctions, misrepresenting external information, etc. Furthermore, if the damage or cost can be attributed to events resulting from natural disasters, wars, strikes or items considered to be subject to force majeure.
  • CV‘s security and privacy policy is considered a part of these terms.  It contains detailed information on security and CV‘s treatment of your personal and financial information. CV reserves the right to update the security and privacy policy, and the version which appears on the parka.is website is the valid version.
  • CV may update these terms. Any changes to these terms will be made available on the parka.is website.
  • These terms are subject to Icelandic law. If any part of these terms is declared invalid, illegal or unattainable, it in no way undermines the validity, legality or attainability of other provisions in the terms. Should any dispute arise in connection with these terms, the case shall be heard by the Reykjavík District Court.