A facility fee is paid here for the use of parking spaces according to the price category. The fee is based on 3 hours at a time.

You can pay here on the web up to 24 hours after your visit ends. If no payment is made for the stay, collection costs will be charged to the vehicle owner's bank.

The facility fee is used to maintain services and build infrastructure. Included in the fee is parking and toilet facilities. People are responsible for themselves in Reynisfjara.
We encourage everyone to read the safety information on signs and https://www.visiticeland.com/article/reynisfjara-black-sand-beach-is-dangerous
The fee is based on 3 hours at a time

1. License Plate Number

Service fee is based on visiting hours of vehicles entering the area and monitored with digital surveillance.

2. Vehicle Category / Price

Select vehicle size and category.

3. Info