Borgartún 21

Borgartún 21 is a pay zone between 8:00 and 16:00 during week days.


  • First two hours: 220 kr. pr. hour.
  • Every hour after that: 660 kr. pr. hour.

Transaction fee: 86 ISK
By using Parka's website as a payment option, you authorize Parka to charge service costs incurred as a result of the service provided. Parka's website gives parking users the flexibility to pay for attendance within 24 hours to avoid fees.

1. Vehicle

The charge is based on the length of stay monitored by cameras with license plate recognition.

2. Parking time

Paid time is compared to license plate cameras. Vehicle owner will be charged for unpaid usage with additional cost.

Enter date:
Enter time:
Exit date:
Exit time:



3. Payment details