Tjaldstæðið Miðjanesi Campground Photo
Tjaldstæðið Miðjanesi
Very peaceful and cozy camping
Campground Zones
Campsite Description
The campsite has three platforms with electricity and outdoor tables and fourth platform is without electricity. A good shelter is on the camp site and a great view to the bay Breiðafjörður. There is a great bird life and eagles, owls and other birds are often seen. The camp site has toilet facilities, a washing machine, shower and an outdoor sink.
The distance to Reykjólar is 5 km and at Reykhólar is a swimming pool, a store, the Reykhólar Seabaths and The Boat-and gift of nature exhibition.
Campground Details
KT: 0901715939
Miðjanes , 380
Adult (18+ per night)
2500 kr.
2-4 adults (18+ per night)
3000 kr.
5-6 adults (18+ per night)
3800 kr.
7+ adults (18+ per night)
4500 kr.
1300 kr.
Water refill
Free for children
Hot water
Cold Water
Dishwashing facilities
Washing machine
Hiking trails
Dogs allowed