Laugarvatn Campground Photo
Northern Lights-Aurora borialis. Fantastic place to view the Northern Lights when they come out to play.
The camp site at Laugarvatn is a large camp site with a lot of activities close by. Zones are market but not spots.
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Campsite Description
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Camping around 93 kilometres (56 miles) from Reykjavík spacious and well located camp site. All service is close by, for example a store and restaurants ://

The swimming pool at Laugarvatn is 25 meter long. There are 3 hot tubs, sauna and a cold tub

Fontana Spa

The environment of Laugarvatn is very pleasant, as the town is surrounded by hills, lava fields, fertile countryside, and a forest has been planted and is ever growing. Brooks and streams further contribute to the scenery.

The beautiful and shallow Lake Laugarvatn is rich in aquatic life, with good char and lake trout fishing, although you need a permit in order to fish here. Boats and gear for watersport can be rented at Laugarvatn in summer when the weather is clear.

As the shores of the lake feature geothermal springs, it was decided to build a spa there.

At the Fontana spa at Laugarvatn you can relax in the excellent geothermal swimming pool and the three steam rooms which sit directly over bubbling hot pots and have near 100 percent humidity.

The spa also features a Finnish-style sauna and three interconnected mineral baths.

Laugarvatn sits almost directly between Þingvellir National Park and the Geysir Geothermal Area, two points of the Golden Circle. The former is a natural wonderland, sitting between two tectonic plates and boasting crystal clear streams, forests, and incredible geology. The latter is home to the geysers of Geysir and Strokkur, as well as dozens of other hot springs and fumaroles.

The final point on the Golden Circle is Gullfoss Waterfall. Almost all travellers will see these three sites, as the route is the most popular sightseeing trail in the country. If driving yourself, Laugarvatn is just one of many popular detours you can take.

The age limit is 18 years except when accompanied by an adult. There should be quiet at the camp site after 24:00 so the guests can sleep in piece and quiet during the night.
Campground Details
Dalbraut, route 37 , 840
(+354 ) 7714777
Open: 30. Apr - 31. Oct
Adult (16+ per night)
2950 kr.
Child (10+)
1500 kr.
Overnight stay tax
333 kr.
Electricity per night
1500 kr.
Water refill
Waste sorting
Free for children
Hot water
Cold Water
Dishwashing facilities
Washing machine
Toilet discharge
Fishing license
Hiking trails
Biking trails
Swimming pool
Dogs allowed
Pets allowed on a leash
Bus stop
Summer opening